Where do these fabrics come from?

I know that for me, I like to know where what I’m wearing is from. I’d like to know how it’s made, and where it’s made.

It reinforces the relationship we have with the things we buy.

Thats why for me I wanted to share with you all the information I gather, so that you can be aware of what I use in each pieces.

I purchase these fabrics from all over the world during my travels, and I find that each one has a unique store of its own. Some fabrics come from Sierra Leon, and end up in a shop in Mombassa, or Kampala. Another type of print can be from Kenya but be sold in a small town of Lira. The Fabrics used in the spring 2018 collection are from Kenya, and the Netherlands.

You may wonder where did the Netherlands come from?

I’ll be diving into this on my next post.