African Mudcloth.

What I love about this fabrics, if the process it takes to create yards of this beautifully designed cloth.

Each batch is unique in that no one batch will be the same. And I think that makes this fabric that much more special.

“Bògòlanfini is a skill practiced specifically to the country of Mali. It is the dying of hand made Malian clothing and fabrics. The dyes are made from mud which is rich in iron to create black colors and plants that create a range of colors.

It represents expressive culture for the people of Mali. The patterns dyed on the cloth communicate many tribal stories and make reference to animals, historical events, religion, and mythologies of the tribe. The cloth is majorly dyed by females who are fluent in this iconographic language.”  –



In traditional bògòlanfini production, men weave the cloth and women dye it. The cloth is soaked in a dye bath made from mashed and boiled, or soaked, leaves of the n’gallama tree.